Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I was reading a small book from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s knowledge last night, called POWER OF LOVE. Very easy but yet deep and powerful.

I like to share with you a small chapter, Love & Laughter, knowing that I am doing it with Guruji’s blessings, because wherever we can spread His knowledge, there is ONENESS, and I feel one with you all. The following are His words.

When you stretch a sound, it becomes music.

A movement, when stretched, becomes dance. Doesn’t’ it?

You simply move your hand in a certain manner, and it becomes dance!

A smile stretched, becomes laughter.

Love stretched, becomes service.

The mind stretched, becomes meditation.

And life stretched, becomes celebration.

This is all we want-right?

So stretch!

When we stretch ourselves, the whole world becomes our family. Everyone is part of you. We live this world to live in love, to spread love, and to enjoy love. Isn’t it?

Laugh more and more!

What happens when you laugh?

Certain substances, called endorphins, are produced in the brain. When the system produces more endorphins, then our immune systems become stronger, thus preventing cancer and other such diseases.

As children, see how much we used to laugh, dance and sing; see how much we used to celebrate!

However, as we grow older and older, are we doing the same? We have to question ourselves about this.

We need to start smiling and laughing more…and more!

We should start laughing clubs everywhere.

Laugh for 10 minutes, without any reason, every morning. You don’t need a joke to laugh. If your laughter is not genuine, never mind, just imitate! Fake it till you make it, because it is our nature to laugh.

Only human beings are endowed with this special gift of being able to laugh.

You know, if you keep using your fingers, then you can play the guitar; if you don’t use them, you cannot play the guitar. In the same way, if you keep laughing in life, then laughter becomes your nature. Hmm?

You need to do this! Isn’t it a good idea? Yes?

Everyone just laugh for 10minutes, for no reason. Then all the pain, all the problems in life, will dissolve.

Wouldn’t all of you like to be in an atmosphere where everyone laughs?

Well, we have to create our atmosphere; we have to create the atmosphere around us. We cannot have someone else do the laughing for us: “Okay! You laugh for me today!”.

We have to laugh by ourselves. If there is nothing to laugh about, we can just look at our minds and laugh!

The main message of the Art of Living is :laugh more…and more…and more! Sing more…and more…and more! And meditate! Know that “if I am happy, all will be happy!”

This is my Master…H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, who won me over with his sense of humor…

Love & Rainbow

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Oh Gosh I have been tagged by the special soul of my blog friend BETTY from www.cut-and-dry.blogspot.com. This is a big honour because I know that my kids tag themselves and their friends on Facebook so it must be something real cool…
Well well. I am supposed to say where am I going to be in ten years time.

I guess I know because I had a vision, not long time ago...

I will in between the mountains and the ocean. Feeling the breeze of the sunset. In a place where I can feel the unity with nature. Cape Town and the area are good candidates. I would probably spend part of the year in Europe and South of France comes to my mind with its lavender fields. But it could be my Tuscany as well…why not? I would go and say hallo to Betty in Greece as well…Ah Greek food… But what I know for sure is that I am becoming a SOCIETY CHANGER which is a new profession with no income. I basically will be very active to change society, regardless of people thinking and behaviours. I will not get involved in these petty things, I will follow my heart. I believe we can all do things to improve society and it only happens from the bottom. Have you ever seen politicians doing good? I haven’t, so far; so I will not waste this life time waiting for the “big ones” to do things while they drink champagne and fly first class.

Ladies and gentlemen now my 10 beloved tagged ones:

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Dear blog friends I have tagged you because I do love reading your blogs and , although I am very busy at the moment (as SOCIETY CHANGER!) I try to be there for you , as much as I can. Please tag other 10 bloggers and let us know where you’ll be and what you’ll be doing in 10 years time.

Love & Rainbow

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Less than 100 days before the kick off of the FIFA World Soccer Championship.
I feel a kind of excitement all around. Not always the good one.

Road works are everywhere, the traffic situation is getting worse every day, traffic lights of the main roads don't work. The police is putting road blocks everywhere, at pick hours. I am sure they want to have the "crime rates" reduced to tempt more visitors to come and spend their money in this exotic destination. Johannesburg has a very bad reputation crime wise... But Johannesburg has also the most beautiful sky I have ever experienced, the most incredible summer storms and weather, the most amazing smiling people.

I decided, quite a while ago, that I was responsible of what I would see and sense living here. I have met quite a few unhappy expatriats who had to stay here for two, three years. Their attitude was to choose to repeatedly practise to complain the whole day long. They did not get good things from that. I feel it is just an innate attitude of being able to see the glass half empy. But the other half is full of fresh spring water.

I have a simple question today that probably will not find its answer. Why human beings have a strong inclination for negativeness?

I do believe we are born almost "perfect" in the purity of feelings and openess. As babies and small children we show to be open to life embracing daily experience with love and curiosity. Then, something happens, and things start going the other way round.

Children at school struggle to find their own balance, under pressure from performing in schools at the highest standards. The general culture is to divide kids in teams (A, B, C, D,.....Z!) and according to their marks. You do well , you get awarded. So probably schools put pressure on kids to meet the parents' needs of realisation. As young adults we need to fit the society's pattern and the more we "grow", the more we lose contact with our true selves, because we are living only outward. But Life is inwards.

Is is an EGO orientated society.

We need to classify things and people in order to feel SAFE. We need to rationalize everything in order to understand. Because we relate to the external world by understanding...And then we become slaves of the "judgment" thing. But to judge is looking for the half empty glass of water.

I actually believe that to become non judgmental is very difficult if not almost impossible but it is the highway to freedom. I was very judgmental and I was wrong. I thought that judging people and facts I was "free" to express myself. I really smile at myself, I mean my old self. I look at it like a worn jacket abandoned on a chair. Motionless. Lifeless. And I laugh, because the I am very alive and aware of the fact that I don't want to wear this jacket again.
What if I can accept people and things the way they are? What if I can live with no expectations from others, including my kids? I would not be bothered by the road works, but I would see them as the way to have a better service ; I would not think "bloody weather" but wow...it is cooling down, how wonderful.

I could see God in my kids, especially when they swim and end last or when they fail a test. Because by the end of the day they show me Love and that is what they are. And Love embrace everybody and everything. It is only a matter of chemistry.
Love & Rainbow

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