Tuesday, May 4, 2010


In the last past few weeks I have struggled in finding my inner voice , the one which has to come out louder, laughing, joyful, childish. The one that makes me see the point of blogging and writing.

I guess it is a physiological way to go through. ok... I accept it, I am human. The bionicle woman exist only in the comics...I guess one of the lessons I have to learn in this life time is to fight for the important things , to stand up for what I believe in; and as there are things which still hurt me deeply I have taken the decision, probably shocking for some of you, to go see in my past lives to see what are the "unsolved issues" that come back into my life.

For those, who like me, believe in the immortality of the soul, the karma and past lives, we all know that we bring strong impressions from our past lives and what we bring in, usually is unsolved issues. So whatever we resist, persist. It is time now to make it clear.

As weird as it might appear, I want to find out, to unfold the knots which still make me feel bound in the wrong way. So, I ll probably go through a past lives regression process soon.

In this big melting pot of controversial feelings, I have also been thinking to stop blogging, purely because I have lost the goal of my inner fire . But today, when I bumped into my blog, I saw a new follower, no. 44 oh wow!!! and this went straight to rekindle a little bit of the lost fire. But it also went to my heart.

Thank to you all but thanks to no. 44 as you are an important number in my life.

Love& Rainbow


  1. sooner or later blogging becomes a challenge for all of us. a lot of blogs i'm following stopped completely and i know it's hard to carry on sometimes. glad you had a little breakthrough.

    i heard of past life regression and i can't wait to read about yours. i do hope it helps. from what i heard you will have an even bigger breakthrough.

  2. I think you are right; I feel now it is time to live this experience with serenity and spirit of enquiry for the good cause, which is living fully the present moment getting rid of past botheration...XXX

  3. Lorenza, as long as you write, you will keep inspiring people. :)


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